Vega Tire is proud to announce the formation of the Florida Karting Series.

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Hello Racers,
Welcome back to more Dirt racing in the South. I wanted to explain a few things moving forward here so it may help in understanding where we were and where we are going.
We have decided to rename the Vega Dirt Series of Florida. Moving forward our new name will be:

Florida Karting Series

We will host a NEW website and NEW/renamed Facebook page for information. We ask you to share this information with your fellow racers.
The Website will host the official information and will carry the news on the ‘Home’ page. I suggest you scan through the entire website and all the tabs. We will post the most important things there for all of us to refer to.
The Facebook page will be for quick information and for follow ups along the way.
Each event will have online Pre-registration as before with a discount on Pre-entries. Please consider online registration as it helps on getting scoring going ahead of time and reduces mistakes. This along with the event Flyer and running orders approximately 30 days prior to each event.
You will see our tire rule being posted and we hope it is clear to all.
As I have mentioned to most of you it is hard to satisfy everyone's ideas regarding tires which are all great. So, we have blended most everything into the best ideas and opinions given. Having the newest compound of MDH being placed on the market we did not feel it fair requiring a tire received only at the track having minimum usage a good idea. We want racers to get accustomed to the tires and able to scale their karts and mount their tires without being rushed. As many racers can mount and size tires easily, others can’t. This has created an issue at the track for those with less experience. Mostly, we wanted racers to be able to use their used tires and not feel they MUST have to buy new tires each race. We will always be here to listen to further better this series on tires and any other topic.
We have added the Champ Sr. class in again as we have racers willing to commit to the events. If any Jr Champs can be rounded up as well, we will add them in. UAS/Unlimited class has been added and we will continue to work closely with this group and the host their ¼ races too.
As you can see, we have taken the point to complete the races before the rain in the summer months. We have done our best to not be on local events, but it does happen unintentionally.
Let’s go racing.

2022 Florida Karting Series dates are as follows:
Race 1 -- January 15th...FDMS/Dirt Devils...Land O' Lakes, FL
Race 2 -- February 12th...Speedway Park...Fruitland Park, FL
Race 3 -- March 12th...Callahan Speewway...Callahan, FL
Race 4 -- April 2nd...Crossroads Motorplex...Jasper, FL
Race 5 -- May 7th...Volusia Kartway...Barberville, FL
Race 6 -- June 4th...TBA
Awards Ceremony...Sept 16th...Tentatively at Marion County
We are finalizing the tracks now and will be announced soon